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Solutions for Arizona

I’m running a campaign based on solutions, not just promises. I believe that the job of congress is to represent the people of the district and not just a political party and it’s leadership. We deserve better representation, better jobs, better resources and a better future. We need guardianship not partisanship.

Check out my proposals below for some of the issues that we’re currently facing in CD-8 and Arizona.


Here is how I’ll work to update our immigration laws and solve the problems at our border so it’s secure, facilitates trade, and upholds the morality and Constitution of the United States.


I’m the son of two Arizona public school teachers, so education is one of my top priorities. I’ll work hard to make sure federal education programs and dollars are spent wisely and decisions are made by local, trained educators not some bought-and-paid-for politicians.


Having access to the best healthcare system in the world is meaningless if you dont have insurance coverage or cant go to the facilites that can properly treat you. This is why I’ve come up with a new plan called Americare; a new approach to how we obtain and provide healthcare.s


My environment proposal is based on preserving our climate and way of life here in Arizona and beyond. View some key points as well as the entire proposal.


There are people who, to this day, believe that Constitutional rights as citizens do not apply to people of certain races, religions, political persuasions, orientations, economic classes, age, geographic location, immigration status and a myriad of other things. View how I’ll change that if elected to Congress.

Gun Violence

As a candidate for United States Congress it is my duty to not only represent my district’s citizens, but when necessary make the hard decisions and take a stand for all of us as well. Responsible gun owners like myself are the overwhelming majority of gun users in this country. Most of us at this point agree that doing NOTHING isn’t the solution.

Jobs & Labor

Our workers are the backbone of this country and provide the quality and skilled labor our nation depends on. Workers rights, healthcare, safety, protections, wages, and abilities to organize and collectively bargain are important to our future and theirs.