Our healthcare system is broken and Congress is doing more to make things worse than make them better. Although we have the best medical resources available in the world, many people cannot afford to use them. Medical costs are still the largest reason for bankruptcies in the United States. Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) are a nice idea—if you can afford them. Unfortunately, few HSA’s contain enough money to pay for most minor, much less major, surgeries. As your Representative in Congress, I’ll work to ensure all Americans have access to affordable

healthcare plans, protection for those with pre-existing conditions, and competitive prescription drug prices.


 Immigration is one of the most important issues of this campaign. The current debate in Washington focuses on the symptoms of our outdated immigration laws, not the core problems. Despite plenty of talk, Congress has not passed any immigration bills in 23 years (1996). Our nation’s immigration laws must be reformed to properly address the issues of labor demand, security, and trade with respect for humanity and landowner rights. We must come together as Americans to solve the problem, not use it as a wedge issue to divide our country.



 The current generation is poised to become the first in U.S. history to be less well-off than their parent’s generation. We must do more to make sure this doesn’t happen. Everyone agrees a strong economy and job market benefits everyone. Businesses benefit from open markets, reasonable regulation where appropriate, and an available and skilled labor force. Employees benefit from having access to good paying and safe jobs, access to educational opportunities, and affordable healthcare. To do this, the Federal government must establish policies that support economic development, reward businesses that create new jobs, and make sure job-related education or training resources are available and affordable for those who need them.


2nd Amendment

 I will defend the 2nd Amendment for all Americans. Access to any legal weapon by law-abiding, responsible citizens should never be compromised.

Energy and Environment

 Arizona is uniquely positioned to become a world leader in renewable energy production. We have abundant sunshine, as well as some water and wind resources, all available for generating electricity. By transitioning from traditional, more expensive fossil fuel energy sources to lower cost renewable resources, Arizona utilities and businesses can support thousands of good paying jobs and position our state and nation as a leader in fostering a cleaner energy economy.  


It's 2019 and here we are as a nation still fighting for equal pay and equal rights. Women, minorities, and even our younger workers have continually been treated as less than equal by our states representatives. As your congressman I will do my best to ensure equality means exactly what it is supposed to mean! Equal pay for equal work. One nation, under God, with Liberty, and Justice for ALL.


 Despite the best efforts of our state’s teachers and educators, Arizona continually ranks at or near the bottom of the most important education rankings due largely to underfunding by state legislators and a shrinking share of federal investment. The federal government contributes about 12% of Arizona’s total education budget, with very little of that going into the classroom. As your Congressman, I will work to ensure your federal tax dollars are targeted and spent wisely, without any undue interference of politicians or parties, and are kept in the hands of those closest to our students: teachers, support staff and local administrators.


Social Security/Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are insurance that  every worker in America has paid the premium and deserves to receive the  full benefits without cuts. My opponent has labeled Social Security  and Medicare “entitlements” and has cosponsored bills to cut benefits. As your  representative in Congress, I will oppose any cut to Social Security and  Medicare benefits and will work to reduce the costs of the programs  instead of cutting benefits. Just like healthcare for veterans, we made  a promise to the American worker and it is one we must keep. 

Foreign Policy/Trade

  Our nation’s economic growth and national security depends on having good relationships with our trading partners and allies. Poorly reasoned trade wars and military intervention do more to harm our interests than promote them, making opportunities for our adversaries. This puts our business owners at a disadvantage that can lead to the loss of many family-owned businesses. Congress must provide regulation and oversight to ensure we are acting in the best interest of our nation when foreign policy and trade alliances are made.