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Using leadership for reform, not political gain.

For my entire life as a native Arizonan immigration has been used as a wedge issue between political parties. Rather than fix the issue as a state legislator my opponent was instead a co-sponsor of our nations most divisive immigration bill (SB1070).

We must recognize the problems with our immigration system cannot be solved through punitive measures alone. Security, trade, labor, tourism and asylum management are key components of any nation’s immigration policy and they must be considered together, not individually. A piecemeal approach is what caused this problem in the first place and we should not repeat our mistakes.

Here is how I’ll work to update our immigration laws and solve the problems at our border so it’s secure, facilitates trade, and upholds the morality and Constitution of the United States.

My Plan

Strengthen our ports of entry

  • Fund adequate numbers of border patrol officers, immigration officials such as judges, case officers, and more healthcare workers.

Modernization of our entire immigration system

  • Fund visa application and management

  • Fund border inspection technologies, so we know who is entering our country, and that our immigrants and employers are following the law and border officials are able to detect and prevent illegal drug trafficking.

Revise our visa system:

  • Eliminate incentives and deficiencies in current law that encourages immigrants and employers to break our civil and criminal laws.

  • Improve the visa system to ensure that immigrant workers pay taxes that support schools, public services, and our national defense.

Provide a mechanism for the undocumented:

  • DACA recipients obtain legal status allowing them to come out of the shadows and contribute to our economy legally and without fear.