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Gun Violence

Gun Violence Reform

Responsible gun owners like myself are the overwhelming majority of gun users in this country. Most of us at this point agree that doing NOTHING isn’t the solution. Most of us can see that our politicians doing nothing is the real threat to our 2nd amendment. I own multiple weapons, was a former member of the NRA, and received a Q+ rating in 2016 (the highest a non-elected candidate can receive). I am from CD8, I have a brother who is an Army Ranger, many of my friends are law enforcement and military. The 2nd amendment is something I take seriously. Owning guns isn’t exclusive to being Republican. I have two little boys, my guns are maintained and stored in a safe. I say all of this because apparently, these days a man must start with his support of the 2nd amendment before mentioning common sense when speaking about gun violence. It’s a pathetic testament to how warped our society and our politics have become.

Like most things in life, the actions of a few often and unfortunately reflect on everyone in the group. But unlike most instances where this dynamic occurs, gun violence ends in death. Not the kind we see on the battle fields of “glory” and “purpose”. We see these deaths in our children’s classrooms, our entertainment venues, our shopping centers, offices, and our places of worship. Worse yet is the response from millions online who show neither compassion nor a basic fundamental value for a fellow human being’s life. So much for “One Nation Under God” and “We the people,” huh?

As a candidate for United States Congress it is my duty to not only represent my district’s citizens, but when necessary make the hard decisions and take a stand for all of us as well. My opponent has, once again, offered nothing to the victims and society but thoughts and prayers. With all due respect Mrs. Lesko, your “thoughts and prayers” won’t bring people back from the dead or reduce the problem. Only action does that and it’s clear that you’re not up to doing your job.

My Proposal

Call on the Senate to vote on the gun legislation before them such as HR8

Vote out elected officials funded by gun lobbies

Universal background checks are supported by the majority of this country. Require them.

Allow and fund Center For Disease Control (CDC) research into gun violence and make findings public.

Require healthcare programs to include mental health and counseling as part of standard insurance coverage and include it in Primary and Secondary school programs.

Close the "boyfriend loop hole"

7) Reverse Citizens United